Hi there. I'm Uzma

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Hello, I’m Uzma

I’m Uzma – A Mindset and Productivity Coach/Mentor. I recently founded my own coaching and consulting business after a long career break; I skipped the steps of going back into employment and starting all over again. I decided to take the plunge to become my own boss. I regained my confidence after a 12 year break and became the CEO of my own company!
“Coming from a legal background and having specific training in Human Rights, I strongly believe that every person has a voice that should be heard and valued”.

With a background in law and having run a successful legal practice back in the UK before moving to the UAE and entering my parenting life I always thought I would be practising as a lawyer and growing in my career. However, when I first realised my eldest child was on the autism spectrum I decided to take a career break and give all my time and attention to the family and work on my child’s needs. I started my homeschooling journey with him and his siblings as school was not working for us as a family and put my career life behind me. There were days I missed it immensely and wished I could be back in my office working with my clients but knew I could not for now.

Since then I have been actively involved as a volunteer supporting homeschooling families and working closely with The Butterfly based in the UAE coaching families with children on the spectrum.

I would like to work and help motivate women in all walks of life from personal life experiences, parenting and professional life.

Uzma Akser Coaching and Consulting helps women that want to live their fullest by focusing on their strengths. Whether you are a homemaker or a CEO I help you become the ideal version of yourself.

I strongly advocate achieving those dreams you have. Change your thought process into actionable steps by working on time management, prioritising, setting goals and working on them.

This process encouraged me to show up for myself, to take responsibility, to heal and to appreciate that I can have my life as a mother yet not lose my own identity as a professional.


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