Adult Neurodivergent Coaching

Being a neurodivergent person in a world made for neurotypicals can be challenging, and it can be difficult to realise your full potential. We recognize your strengths and are aware of your challenges. We work together through our coaching sessions to develop a step-by-step strategy. 

We will focus on self-awareness, self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy in addition to practical life skills so you may use these in a variety of settings to improve your quality of life. 

Our clients walk feeling confident, gain more clarity in their objectives and ambitions, sense of connection to those around them, and stress levels through coaching. You can conveniently conduct our coaching sessions from your home using Zoom. 

We meet for a 60-minute Zoom session once a week for the first few months before considering lowering the number of sessions to give you more time to focus on your goals in between meetings.